How about a "Save to NewsBlur" bookmarklet?

It would be cool if NewsBlur made it easy to save arbitrary articles in NewsBlur. It could, at least to some degree, replace other services like Pinboard or Instapaper.

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In recent days this has been on my mind. I’m letting my Pinboard account renewal lapse.

It would be nice to have Newsblur be a single point of reading by having a read-it-later function added, but specifically for sites you might not be following. It could be kept simple with just the link and the headline. No need for photos, or importing the text of the article.

Heh, this is an older thread but this launched almost exactly a year ago. Here’s the blog post:

Specifically this line in the blog post:

A few other small changes have been added to this feature. You can also save stories and tag them from any website using the bookmarklet (which you can install under Manage > Goodies > Bookmarklet).

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Hoho! Fantastic! Can’t believe I missed that the many times I’ve dug through the dashboard. Thanks @samuelclay

Any consideration for a feature within the mobile apps, @samuelclay ? A way to have Newsblur appear in the share sheets, similar to Pocket.

I agree, we right now only having a public sharing extension. So you can save stories to NewsBlur from other iOS apps, but only on your blurblog. If you’re OK with that, it’s ready to go on your phone.

For saving stories privately, I’ve added this ticket:

Ah :disappointed: :sweat_smile: I guess this is where I add my voice/vote to that feature making it to Android at some point.

We already had a ticket open for it, but I closed it and renew with this one:

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