hot topics

it would be great if newblur would automatically group hot topic articles together.
if there are 10 articles on the same subject, group them in to one article that we can break out and read others individually if we want.
its very annoying to have to see 10 articles in my stream on the same story.
the most popular story could be the one we see, and the other 9 would be expandable under the title ?

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You’re clearly coming from Fever, where this is a thing. Unfortunately it doesn’t scale particularly well and it’s not easy to build. It was planned at one point, but I’m honestly just giving up on this feature. It’s not worth the trouble.

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im not coming from fever, but i did read about it there.
a few other apps / services offer it like slow reader and lumi.

sad you are giving up on it.
its nice to have something seperate you from the pack besides training.

thanks for the response.

If you ever offer this as an option make sure I have the ability to turn social media stuff like this off. I haven’t spent all these years building my feed list to have some AI decide what should be grouped together and what should not.

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