horrible performance with a large river of stories

I read “all site stories” or folders that often have hundreds of stories in them.

No matter if I scroll or use ‘j’/‘n’ to go to the next story, Chrome really struggles to keep up. It feels like Chrome has trouble rendering each story.

I’m on a modern MBP-r, 16gb of memory and SSD, using the current version(s) of Chrome. I read with oldest first / hidden stories / unread only / split mode / feed view. I used the Chrome dev tools, which blames high CPU on $d.Na.renderpano, which expands to $d.sg. I can’t find any references to renderpano in the source, nor a grep for “$d.sg”.

I’ve watched ‘top’ while reading Newsblur. I can see a chrome process occasionally spike, but it’s not maxing out a core or anything.

I also tried using ‘full’ instead of ‘split’ mode. I’m not used to using ‘full’ but it’s what I should be using anyhow. I can’t tell if it’s better.

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List view is best for this. Try it out and see how it goes. There is a solution, but it’s a mega-ton of work. It’s called a buffered list and it’s not trivial to make happen.

I didn’t know List View showed the stories. I think that’ll work until someone implements coalescing ring buffers in jquery. My test is that it’s crazy-fast and gives me the control/view I want, so that’s great.