History of read items

Google Reader had a feature where you could view the items you had already read. The list would also be sorted in the order that you had read them. I really miss this.


In the Story Titles Pane (Shift-t if you’ve hidden it) I just change the filter to All Stories & Newest if I’ve accidentally gone past something that I wanted to read. (I normally have it set at Oldest and Unread) I don’t think I ever used a feature in GR to to view items I’ve already read other than doing the same thing there. How did it work in GR?

When you visit Google Reader from a mobile device, it would be an item on the left side below “All items” called “Read items”. You could then use the same url on the non-mobile site. It was something like https://www.google.com/reader/about/#…

Let’s talk limits, first. I can build this pretty easily, but it’s going to only cover the last N days (N = days of unread, currently at 14 days), and have a max of X stories (X = probably 100 or so).

Do you have any need to increase these limits? Tell me about your use case.

Those limits seem completely reasonable.

I’d usually use this when reading through a bunch of items, then remembering reading something related a few minutes ago and wanting to go back to that item.
I’d also use this if I think I fell asleep then clicked something else (in my sleep) while reading an item on my phone. :slight_smile:

I don’t think they kept this for very long at all. It has been a while and, of course, we can’t go back and check now, but a day or 3’s worth of read history would certainly more than satisfy my needs.