Highlights on mobile

More specifically on iOS, but I guess in general.

Is the highlighting feature ever coming to mobile? Such a handy feature, but a shame that it can only be done in desktop.

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I was waiting for somebody to ask! If anything else wants to see this, please respond here. I’d love to build it, I just want to know that it’s wanted.

Count me among the customers who would really appreciate this feature. Right now, I tend to get halfway through an article before realizing that it is worth highlighting, which prompts me to add it to Instapaper so that I can highlight it. It would be great to have this built-in to the NewsBlur Android app so I don’t have to bounce between apps.

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I would also be interested in this feature!

Just to add to this, as of now whilst on my iPad I have to open NB articles in an external read-it-later app in order to make highlights. Since the process of highlighting is really ingrained in my overall reading experience I end up consuming the majority of my articles in that app rather than in NB, which is a shame because I much prefer NB’s reading experience. So in that sense NB has become a “mere” aggregator on my iPad and much less of an all-round app.

Ok I’ve prioritized this feature but it may take a little bit of time to launch as it was crazy complicated to do well on the web. It’ll be easier now that it’s written.

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Any chance of bringing highlights and notes to the Android app, too? The ticket seems to be specific to iOS devices.

I know, I wanted this too now, since i just tried to highlight and wasn’t able to on mobile. It’ll come after some story list updates we’re working on.