Hide annotations on Youtube embedded videos by default

I’d very much like annotations of embedded Youtube videos to be hidden by default.
On the Youtube site, I am able to do this in their playback settings and with 3rd party extension tools. But on embedded videos on Newsblur, the annotations always show.

I remember that you (Samuel) tweaked embedded youtube videos to contain the fullscreen button. So I am sure hiding annotations is possible.

I did some digging, and hiding annotations can be done by appending “iv_load_policy=3” to the end of an embedded URL. The current default is “iv_load_policy=1”, which shows annotations.

The following three links should give you some more insight.




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Got an example newsblur.com/site url for a feed that has annotations on by default? 

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Well, all of them.
But here is an example: http://newsblur.com/site/4090657/razer

The funny thing I noticed, is that video quality setting is remembered from video to video. But not annotations. They are always on.

Any updates on this?

Can you disable them in your Youtube account, then everybody’s Youtube cookie will dictate their preferred kind of player? I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve done at home.

I can’t imagine who on earth would, but some people might prefer to see annotations.

Thanks for the site link. Just added the iv_load_policy=3 query parameter to turn off annotations. Should take a few hours to propagate.

And thanks for doing the legwork on this (and pinging this thread). I really appreciate both!

No problem :slight_smile:
Keep up the awesome work Samuel!