Hidden stories are loading in memory

I subscribe to The Drive (http://www.thedrive.com/rss/all), but I only care about a certain section of their site, so Ihide all of the stories except for a couple authors. As a result, I have 252 unread hidden stories on that feed. I recently noticed that my NewsBlur would take a long time to load and the process in Chrome was taking up a great deal of memory (over 2GB) just from loading all my unread stories. I would kill the process and reload the page, but it would immediately go back up to over @GB of memory uses, mostly by JavaScript. I opened up the Chrome Developer Tools looking for the memory leak, and found a bunch of console notices for embedded videos on The Drive. I went in and marked the whole feed as read and reloaded the page, and now NewsBlur is significantly faster and only uses 440MB of memory.

Is there any way to keep hidden stories from loading into memory?

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The easiest answer is to switch to List view for the feed. That way no stories are loaded into memory until you read them. Alternatively you can turn on single story mode (under the style popover).