Help on how web notifications work

Hello. I would like to know how to view web notifications. I enabled notifications for all 4 platforms. I installed NewsBlur app on my Iphone. When a notification appears I can see it on the app on my Iphone and on my email. How can I see it on the web ? ( does it work for Windows and Mac - Safari ?) Is there a web app for notification or how could I see web notifications would be my question. Thanks!

You have to enable notifications in your web browser. Check your browser’s settings.

Hi. I’m still experiencing problems with NewsBlur’s web notifications. I use Google Chrome and I’ve allowed NewsBlur to send notifications ( In browser settings ). I’ve also made sure that notifications are being sent for the right categories ( Web, IOS, Android ) and they work well on my phone. I have to mention that notifications from other websites are working for me on Chrome. Could you please help me fix this?