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If you search for “alternative to google reader”, within the top few results is, a user-voting style site to rank alternatives to products. I use the site a lot to find obscure alternatives to products I’ve grown out of.

Here’s the link for Google Reader’s alternative:…

I’ve already liked NewsBlur, but NewsBlur is ranked far down the list.
If you like this product, you should help by liking NewsBlur on the site so others can find out about it!

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Awesome! It went from 15 to 26 likes in a week. Keep it up!

It’s up to 32 now, let’s keep it growing!

I voted. Feedly and Reeder, while great apps, are still linked to Google Reader, right? Doesn’t quite make them a full alternative.

I do think they are linked to Google Reader, but they’re at least a UI/functional alternative…

NewsBlur is now in the top 5! woo!

Samuel, are you picking up more traffic from

In the past month, there have been 58,799 visits, with 539 of those coming from alternativeto. That’s competing with all other referral sources, such as press, and all direct traffic, which is all returning visits. So 1% of the total is more like 4% of all referral traffic. I’d say that’s pretty good!

Not bad, especially for a free listing! :slight_smile:

Hey guys, bumping this thread with all the new users coming in. :slight_smile:

If you’re a fan of NewsBlur, help vote it up as one of the top alternatives at…