Headline and story don't match up on Anddroid app

Sometimes the Android app will show the wrong story after I change from Text mode to Story mode. Then if I open the story in a browser by tapping on the headline the link will match the story not the headline. If I then go back to the newsblur app and Mark as unread the item that the story goes with will be marked as unread but item that goes with the headline might still be marked as read.

This has been a problem for awhile and has continued after multiple updates

Here’s an example


Same here - I *suspect* it is related to new entries arriving at the top after opening a folder or feed and maybe some counter or pointer gets out of sync ?

Yep, this bug has been around for ages now and has to do with fresh stories getting updated in the list while you are reading. It should happen very rarely now, especially for individual feeds, though. I’m not surprised if it still happens for folders or All Stories reading, though.

One of the big releases this summer (that contains offline reading, amongst other things) re-writes the way the list is loaded so that things should match.