Have you been testing iOS7 compatibility?

iOS7 should be dropping in the next few weeks. Have you been doing any compatibility testing? NB is just about the only app I can’t live without and want to know if I should upgrade immediately or wait for the kinks to get worked out.

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It works like a charm on latest beta :slight_smile: iOS 7 should released tomorrow btw

I asked this question earlier, and samuel is waiting for iOS 7 to release, so he can look and take some design decisions.

Wait. It’s already September? What happened to my summer?

Yes, there are two forms of iOS 7 compatibility: iOS 6 compatible and full. NewsBlur works great in the reduced form. (You can tell the difference by looking at the keyboard. The old-style keyboard means its in compatibility mode.)

I’ve been trying out full form and it’s a mess. I’ve got a lot of work to do and the next version will be iOS 7+, which will make it a bit easier for me.

Some of the custom controls had to be removed to make compatibility mode work well, but it’s a stopgap until I can get the codebase fully converted over to iOS 7. I’m planning to submit the beta I just dropped late last week.