Have to refresh feeds manually or they are always days behind

I have had this problem since I created my account when the death of Google Reader was announced.

My feeds refresh every 4 or so days. I have to go and Instafetch each feed manually to see posts more current than that.

I realize I am on a free account, but this is unacceptable.


Right click on the feed and go to Statistics. No feed should take more than a couple hours, even if you’re the only subscribers (although that requires the feed to have published at least once in the past month).

And feel free to post the NewsBlur URL of the feed here so I can take a look at it’s statistics.

It says: 2013-05-04 20:46:11
Not modified (304)
2013-05-04 19:36:52
OK (200)
2013-05-04 19:36:49
OK (200)
2013-05-04 19:34:13
OK (200)
2013-04-29 14:46:47
OK (200)
2013-05-04 20:46:11
OK (200)
2013-05-04 19:36:53
OK (200)
2013-05-04 19:36:49
OK (200)
2013-05-04 19:34:13
OK (200)
2013-04-29 14:46:47
OK (200)

The 19:34 fetch from today is from when I clicked Instafetch. Here is the link to the statistics: http://www.newsblur.com/site/2937577/…

Looks like it’s being updated every 1-1.5 hours. And as it says, the reality matches the expected interval:

    2013-05-04 18:32:56 Not modified (304)
    2013-05-04 17:26:46 Not modified (304)
    2013-05-04 16:10:31 Not modified (304)
    2013-05-04 15:07:35 Not modified (304)
    2013-05-04 13:56:30 Not modified (304)

Sam, if “a couple hours” means “a couple hours”, I have some feeds that update from 3.5 to 13.5 hours (I’m the only subscriber). I don’t actually care as these are very low-traffic feeds (but more 1/month), but apparently something is not working right if they’re supposed to be updating more frequently.

URLs (some are specific sections of a news site):
https://dev.newsblur.com/site/1692843 (10.5-13.5)
https://dev.newsblur.com/site/1521965 (10-13, 2 subs)
https://dev.newsblur.com/site/3604813 (8-10.5)
https://dev.newsblur.com/site/1692861 (6.5-8.5)
https://dev.newsblur.com/site/3569082 (6-7.5)
https://dev.newsblur.com/site/3636259 (3.5-4.5 – ok, but still more than a couple hours)
https://dev.newsblur.com/site/2301959 (5-6.5)

Yes, they load normally for a while after I instafetch, and then stop. I don’t know how else to explain this gap:

2013-05-04 19:34:13
OK (200)
2013-04-29 14:46:47
OK (200)

Here’s a few more that don’t update within the 2h “timeframe”…

http://dev.newsblur.com/site/1860641/… (11.5h to 14.5h) ***
http://dev.newsblur.com/site/1860640/… (~12h)
http://dev.newsblur.com/site/530101/f… (~10h) ***
http://dev.newsblur.com/site/240862/m… (4-5h)
http://dev.newsblur.com/site/1860643/… (~12h) ***

*** A few of those are “low priority” feeds, but I just thought I’d include them just in case it helps figuring things out in any way…

Yeah, if the feed explains why it won’t update every couple hours, then that’s the way it is. It’s because it’s a low volume feed that hasn’t published in the last month. Otherwise, it should be more often. If the feed only has a few stories in a month, then it will fetch every few hours. But it should be quite often.

Here’s one that only updates 1-2 times per day:
Right now it shows the last update 8 hours ago.
I haven’t done insta-fetch on this feed - I set it up as a test because I thought some of my feeds weren’t updating. It’s a good example because it has quite a few items published per day, but doesn’t update very often.

Why does it say it updates every 2 hours if it didn’t update ONCE yesterday?

There have been no replies for six days.

FIVE DAYS without refreshing the feed. I am DONE. I think I’ve been exceedingly patient, yet it is evident from this thread that as far as the site administration is concerned everything’s working a-OK, and there’s zero interest in fixing this.


Mike, I asked you to provide NewsBlur URLs so I can check your feeds. By the way, if you turn to mocking the site because of a hiccup, good luck going to any other feed reader, many of which have far less often refresh intervals.

It seems that you are not logging in often enough to have the feed continually fetched. You are probably the sole subscriber and spending > 3 days away, which is why the feed slowed down. As soon as you come back, those solo subscriber feeds are kickstarted and fetched regularly again.

What about the feed I linked above? ( http://www.newsblur.com/site/3488315/… )
The stats window says it’s only updated every 12-15 hrs (1-2 times per day which is what I observe) but I can’t see why. The feed has many new items each day and I do log in every day. Is it because I’m the only subscriber?

I care about this because I have several feeds like that, some updating even less frequently. I basically have to go through all my feeds each day and insta-fetch the ones that haven’t shown any new items for a day or so.

I have several feeds which are only updating every couple of days. Here’s one:

It says I’m the only subscriber (I assume that means I’m the only NewsBlur subscriber, as the blog itself has 100s-1000s of subscribers)… but an update every 2-3 days. :frowning: I log into NewsBlur (both web and iPhone app) several times per day… Let me know what other info you need to help resolve this.

Actually, check the Feed Push section. Notice that it’s real-time. So when it pushes, within 1 second the feed is fetched! Those every 2 day checks are supplementing real-time. This feed couldn’t be performing any better.

That’s what I thought initially as well… but new posts frequently come in 2-3 days late. For instance, the post from August 20th just showed up today. And there’s a new post today that has yet to come through NewsBlur… ideas?

It’s that feed’s fault. They are sending a push notification, but they are caching the feed. So when NewsBlur hits the feed nearly instantaneously, the old feed is cached and is being served. Then when NewsBlur checks in 48 hours, it gets the new story.

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Ahh… figured it was something specific with that feed - thanks!

If you know, what would I tell the publisher so they can fix it?

Direct them to this thread.