Have to login using computer to update feeds on iPhone

Hi! I use Newsblur mainly on my iPhone. Once in a while, it seems most of my new feeds are not coming in. I then log in on my computer, and all of a sudden all my feeds are updated (on computer and on iPhone). I’ve already tried logging out and back in using my iPhone and that doesn’t work. (Also, my NewsBlur app is updated regularly.) I really have to login on my computer once in a while… Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for letting me know. There is a hook to mark an account as active, but it gets triggered on the iPhone when you either pull to refresh or load the app. It doesn’t hook into when you’re just returning to the app, but I suppose I should turn that on.

Tell me, do you find yourself just switching into the iOS app and never having to wait for your sites to reload?

Good news, I identified the issue. It wasn’t that you weren’t pulling to refresh, it’s that if you spent more than 3 days away, some of your solo feeds would become inactive and wouldn’t get retriggered correctly. Fixed that and it should never happen again. Let me know if it does!