Have the Next Site (Shft-J) keyboard shortcut jump to the first site under "All Site Stories" when reading the "The People Have Spoken" feed

I love and use the keyboard shortcuts, so when I’m done reading what’s new in The People Have Spoken feed, I instinctively hit Shift-J to get to _my_ first site. But it doesn’t go there. It doesn’t want to jump me between the All Shared Stories section and the All Site Stories section. It’d be nice if it would. That’s all.

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I don’t know what “The People Have Spoken” feed is, and don’t really use the Shared Stories/sites much, but … my work-around for “Shift-j from dashboard goes to buggy-nowhere-ville” is “hit Shift-e first to focus All Site Stories, then shift-j to focus my first folder”.

Ah. That works. Better than reaching for the mouse. Thanks.

And… I don’t know where that particular shared feed actually came from. I somehow assumed we all had saw it. I’m really just talking about moving from the last feed under “All Shared Stories” to the first feed under “All Site Stories”.