Have NewsBlur read to me

I have a reasonably long commute to work and have often thought how nice it would be to have NewsBlur read my feeds to me. Essentially, I would like to have a play button inside of each view that reads the items in that view to me, marking the items read as it goes. It would be especially nice if it respected the “story” mode button and read the readability version. I am not thinking fancy voices for instance the builtin Apple TTS system (https://developer.apple.com/reference…) would be fine.

Also, since I would be primarily using this while driving respecting the media buttons would be wonderful. (Play/Pause, rewind, skip, etc. Super awesome if I could switch skip and skip back between jumping stories and skipping x “seconds” or words )

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Oh, and integrating with Siri for things like “mark as unread” would also be a really cool addition to a feature like this.