Happy refugee

I’m a refugee from Reader. I love NewsBlur! And you made it all yourself? Congrats! I hope your dog enjoys the food.

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Hear Hear!

I’m actually pretty glad Reader is going away now. I might not have heard about NewsBlur otherwise.

Already signed up for a premium account, and well worth it IMO.

I feel the same. Just the web page (seen in full parade this morning) has convinced me - and I’ve just went premium, because this is something you definitely deserve. An ex-Reader.

Have to agree with the others.

It’s well worth the money for a premium account and it’ll probably be even better once I get used to the different interface. Took me a while at first, but now a lot of things actually feel more comfortable than Google’s interface.

Same, yesterday I was pissed, today I’m actually glad. This is way better than Reader!

Aww, you guys are so nice. OK, here’s a little secret, use dev.newsblur.com. It’s the coming re-design and it’s much awesomer.

NewsBlur level up!

I agree, and the dev URL is awesome! Thanks google :smiley:

Samuel - Great product, how often do the stories update?

Seems a bit slower to update than reader, but I can live with it as long as I know the delta between newblur and reader.

Thanks for a great product!

I think Samuel is still digging the site out from under the thundering hordes of refugees. You can check out http://twitter.com/newsblur for updates as he works on things.


See above.

Just finished my first day with full access to Newsblur (and not using Google Reader at all) - the features that Newsblur has are amazing! It is far, far better than anything I ever had while using Google Reader.

I’m so glad that I switched!

Still not getting all my feeds updated, but if we could get Reeder (the Mac/iOS) app working with this it would be heaven. The iOS apps for NewBlur are slow…and sucky.

I feel the same. I’m afraid that I would never have found this great service if Reader was not going away…

A sad day turned into something better!!! NewsBlur is so much better than reader. Love it!! Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the dev url Samuel, love the new redesign, will be glad when it launches. And I’m hoping it might prove useful for the rainy days that will be coming until things normalize, missed newsblur yesterday. But this is one wagon I’m glad I got on early.

As a fellow regfugee (I like that term whoever decided to call us that), I can’t agree more. You’ve got an awesome service over here. The fact that you’ve got it open sourced so we can contribute back is awesome too. I was nervous about paying for the service having not really tried it yet, but I’m happy I did.

One more voice added to the chorus, here. I’m thrilled to have found Newsblur, and I especially love the new UI. Best wishes for making it through this crush of new signups!