HackerNews formatting 'broken'

Over the last couple of weeks on the Android app I’ve noticed something odd in my HackerNews feed. Previously, I’d get the article link, then in the content area a direct link to the comments. However, now I get the story content and I don’t see a link to the HN comments, which is a fair part of using that site.
Is this working as designed?

toggle between feed and text in the lower left

on the android app scroll to bottom if you don’t see the buttons and toggle text/story

Thanks - that’s excellent!
Did I accidentally press something at some point?

this post is really good for me

It’s the Story/Text view, which is the button on the bottom left of both the web and android/ios apps. Switching between that will show you what NewsBlur can get for any particular feed. Some feeds work better than others, so each feed remembers its Text/Story setting.

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