Grid View text is extra-large; does it have to be?

I’m up against a one-size-fits-most problem.

The Grid view (at has very large text, much larger than the text size anywhere else.  I understand that it’s meant for big, fat, thumbnail like items, but the feed I want to use it on is Slickdeals, because it’s a LOT of content, but has images for many of the posts, allowing me to skim through much more quickly than scanning the titles.  But the other problem is that Slickdeals also has a lot of info in the boldface title (Vendor, Item, Price, nature of deal, shipping).

What often gets cut off is the price, which means I have to investigate each deal of an item of interest, often to find the price is not quite enough of a deal, and I click back.

Now, I’m making this problem for myself, a bit.  I’m running 4 columns, and I could see many full titles with 3 column, and all of them with 2.  But that makes it harder to scan past many deals at a time.

Practical consideration aside, the text just seems super-large.  I have a text size for readable titles I’ve already set for my List and Story, why does the text for Grid view have to be myopically larger?  Haven’t I already set a preference of how large I want my text?

I don’t think the style menu needs a yet separate “Grid View Text Size” preference cluttering it up, but if the Grid View already has a text size different than the List View, would it be possible for the text size setting for each to be separate?



Got a url of the feed in question? Would love to see it.

You mean like this?