Grid view aesthetically unpleasing

The  forthcoming grid view I awaited for so long is flawed like every other non-split-view: The screen’s to wide for the feed’s text. One can tinker with the settings (global size of the display, newsblur’s font size), but when the text eventually fits, the grid-tiles are compressed to ugly looking rectangles.
So my hope is that you could let the text adapt to the width of the screen.


Ok, there’s quite a bit of fiddling you can do. Did you open the Style popover and change the number of stories per line? What kind of fiddling do you want?

I tried to visualise the trilemma, please have a look at the attached pictures/evernote-link. Everything below applies for three or four grid tiles, less doesn’t make sense (to me).

  1. Normal font size: The open story’s text doesn’t fit.
  2. Normal font size, increased width of the left column: The text now fits, but at what price…
  3. Global resolution higly increased: The tiles look terrible. As the typeface does, too.

Curious if I really overlooked some kind of workaround… Wouldn’t it be better (if it is possible at all) to let the width of the story’s text adapt to the width of the remaining space? Aside from the grid view, all other non-split-views show this kind of layout-problem (by using the split-view, I am deliberately wasting space to avoid the problems mentioned above).

Hey, I tried to respond to your other grid view thread, but GS kept giving me a 404 even though I could load the thread just fine. Unfortunately, I’ve lost my message.

Anyway, I did add that new text wrap preference that should offer you a good resolution.

Four days ago you answered “rolli”, and I am glad to repeat my reply then:
“Thank you very much. The grid view combined with this edge-of-screen-wrapping kills the solely advantage feedly had over your incredible service - so from now on my lifetime membership can be charged off lightheartedly.”
So while there’s still a need for an accompanying setting (= an option for not letting the first story to open when clicking on a folder or all stories, see my corresponding thread), I am more than pleased!