Great transition: more users, more load, more features, even better performance

It’s time to praise Samuel Clay and Newsblur for accomplishing the transition of 01 July. Because of the transparency of posting real-time performance statistics, we can all see that the number of users and their intensity of use has multiplied, while performance has actually improved! And all this scaling has been accomplished while delivering a stream of new features and updates, and dealing with the support requirements of the host of new users who often don’t yet understand how to use the product (how Samuel has time to answer so patiently, I don’t know). It’s very rare to see such a successful response to rapid growth–it takes both engineering expertise and business savvy. Thank goodness Newsblur is succeeding in welcoming refugees from Google Reader (such as me).

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Thanks! I have an extremely patient and terrific girlfriend who enjoys listening to me think out loud while designing features and architecting infrastucture. It’s incredibly rare to have somebody so talented and helpful on your side, and I find myself indebted to her every single day. Seriously, without her I would be a third as far as I am with NewsBlur.

I wish we could +1 praise posts…


Well said, Robert.

I’ve found NewsBlur to be much better in recent days. Well done Samuel; glad I chose yours over the other competing Reader alternatives, mostly due to the Android app so I can read on any of three devices. I no longer miss Greader. Thanks for all your hard work and thanks to your girlfriend for supporting you.

Karen: Agree we should be able to +1 Praise Posts.

Newsblur is a great service. Thanks Robert for doing a Praise post - good idea to show them we users do care and enjoy it!

Yeah Samuel…Newsblur kicks ass!

Keep up the good work.

Piling on … newsblur is getting better and better. Excellent job, Samuel, thanks and congrats!

That’s awesome Samuel, good report! It’s hard to give up time with the S/O, so make sure you buy her some flowers!

This is the most incredible open source project I’ve ever seen.

Thanks folks! Love hearing your positive encouragement.

Is it kosher to bump a praise thread? Samuel, you rock! I thought that the demise of GR would be the end of the RSS portion of my online life. To the contrary, NB has proven more capable, more user-friendly, and less intrusive than the behemoth before. I feel like I’ve gotten out from under the thumb of big brother and into a partnership with an actual brother. Keep up the great work.

Yes, totally kosher.