Got charged even though I got doublecharged last year

Hey, I just got charged for $36 paypal. except last year I got sorta-doublecharged, with a $24 and a $36 charge and that meant, iirc, that I would be good until march 2020, now I got charged again but it still says it’s valid until march 2020 so it didn’t even count. can I get a refund for this year?

…or maybe I got a refund last year on that $24? I can’t find the email about it and newsblur just says there was a payment

ok I know what happened. Last year I got charged $24 from my Swedish credit card through paypal, and when I wanted to switch to my Hungarian paypal, I got charged again for $36 and I figured whatever, then I’m paid for 2 years, then. So we’re back to the fact that I should be paid until 2021 with today’s charge but the system shows i’m paid until 2020 and again I’d rather skip this payment this year and request a refund.

Sorry about that. I’d be happy to offer you a refund but due to the volume of sales this week I can’t find your transaction. Could you reply to the PayPal receipt so I can find it and refund it?

thanks! forwarded it to you in mail.