Got a new phone, Newsblur app doesn't work

I got the Samsung Fold 3, proceeded to try to log in Newsblur app but it just keeps force-closing when I try. I have Newsblur on my PC so i know it’s working and accessible. Any ideas?

That’s a good question! I’ll flag this and see if we can emulate a Fold 3.

Here’s the ticket you can follow for updates:

@Namaste25 Are you using a custom server/url to connect?
The reports point to a possible malformed HTTP or HTTPS URL and wanted to cross that off the list first.

@Namaste25 There is a new build out in the beta channel under v11.1.
I’m monitoring the crash reports for any Fold3 with the latest beta version to see if there are still issues connecting.

I just released v11.1 for Android on the web, so it should work well now.