Google Reader import on existing account


I recently returned to newsblur and went premium, however when I tried to Import my GReader feeds to bring NewsBlur up to date with the changes I had made, it took a while to import and then reported that an error occured. This occurs every time I try to import.

Attempting to import with OPML from Google Reader also fails every time. I have about 750 feeds I want to import, so doing them one by one is not an option. (However importing single feeds works fine)

For reference I’m using Chrome, however the same thing happens in IE. The difference there is that IE displays those default feeds sometimes, whilst Chrome displays nothing in the feed list, just the green “First things first” box.

Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.


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Holy smokes. Yes, please email me the OPML file: I’d love to get it setup for you. Also, what’s your username? I’ll get it up on your account.

There you go, you should be all set. Turns out there was nothing wrong, it just took a looong time to upload (75 seconds). I’d love to get that number down, but it’s a one-time thing, and few users have that many sites.