Google reader and OPML problem

I’m a paid user and I can’t get google reader or OPML to import. It sits for a while thinking and then comes up with an error that says “error importing, try importing again” when I try to import from google, and when I try to import OPML it sits for a while then comes up with a blank list of feeds and says “first things first” like I have no feeds. Can you let me know if I’m doing something wrong or if this is a bug?


It’s probably a bug with OPML importing. I noticed you have a few hundred feeds, but the OPML import is wiping them out everytime. Can you do me a favor and email the .opml file, if you feel comfortable doing that?

As for Google Reader not importing correctly, that’s bizarre that it allowed you to get that far before erroring out. Are you using a custom domain or a account? Custom domains are not supported, unfortunately, but accounts should work just fine. I’ll see what I can do with OPML first, though.

I have the same problem. I just signed up for premium, and can’t import OPML or do the direct import from Google Reader.

Send you the OPML?

Thanks for making an awesome product, can’t wait to use it!

Sure thing! Also, what’s your username? I’ll try to figure out the issue with Google Reader.

I also went ahead this orning and subscribed to the premium service. However, it cannot import my OPML file and fails to im port my Google Reader RSS feeds. What cna I do ? I’d like a reply via email too.

Servers have been overloaded since the Google Reader announcement. I suggest you check out for updates as Samuel works on things.