google news feeds stopped updating 9/15/2013. Other "reader" sites seem to still get stories...

I subscribe to a few google news feeds (world, nation, sci/tech, etc). As of 9/15 the feed has either stopped loading or is extremely sporadic in loading stories. If I check against another “reader” site, the feed seems good and is still loading correctly.

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2013-09-16 02:18:42
SAX Exception (553)

2013-09-16 00:09:33
OK (200)

Google has been blocking NewsBlur - this is discussed at… - Samuel has tried on several occasions. He had stopped updates in an effort to get the block lifted — that may be what you’re seeing.

If you’ve ever tried to contact Google directly on an issue like this you know they’re as responsive as a brick wall, so hopefully they will reset the block eventually.

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Thanks for the info