Good work so far!

This is already better than Google Reader in several ways, but it’s not quite there as far as *replicating* the social features that Google destroyed a year ago. I’ve posted individual suggestions on those fronts. I feel like you know this already, but I might as well state it explicitly just in case: there is a group of people who are seriously miffed at Google for destroying those sharing features, and if you can appease them (us), you’ll have a pretty solid fanbase (I think). Anyway, good work so far – I think you’re very close to becoming the Reader I’ve been missing these past months. If you fix my suggestions, I will probably subscribe.

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Thanks for the praise! I’m not cloning Reader for the simple reason that I never used it myself. I was a NetNewsWire user for years and then decided to make my own in 2009 that had the missing features I wanted. So any remaining features will have to fit my philosophy for what NewsBlur is. That said, I’m open to ideas, but they need to also have ways to integrate nicely into the UI without complicating what is already a complicated experience.