going trough the feed page by page, like with instapapers pagination

I love instapaper style pagination. I’ve started using my phone a lot for reading my newsblur feed (cause sharing with pinboard and instapaper is so fast and easy, mostly) but I think using my thumb to scroll down trough hundreds of items in newsblur every day will give me rsi. Being able to swipe or double tap to do what spacebar does in a browser window would be huge for me.

I don’t think pagination (if that’s the right term) is common in rss apps on the iphone, but instapaper and the kindle app has it. It’s clearly the most ergonomic and fast way to go trough large amounts of texts. Many of my feeds are from big news sites where I might only want to read 10% of the articles (wich I mostly send to instapaper and pinboard), pagination would be perfect for this.

I hope this will be possible to do.

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