Go premium - Paypal payment different than default

Hi. When I go to “Go premium”, $24 is selected by default. When I press “Subscribe” Paypal wants me to pay $12 (not $24 like it 'supposed to). If I select $12 and then $24 or $36 and then $24, then go to “Subscribe” it’s fine. You might want to check into that.

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That’s weird. I’ve had a number of $24s and $32s go through fine. What’s your browser/OS?

(And thanks for going premium!)

Hmm, I first noticed this on Windows 7/Firefox 6/Chrome 15/IE 9. Now I’m on a Linux/Firefox 5/Chromium 14 and they all do the same. If I press “Go premium” and then go directly to Subscribe (don’t press anything else, don’t select explicitly the amount I want to pay), Paypal’s billing information says “$12.00 USD for each year”.

I see you fixed this. Good. Now how do I mark this problem as “Solved” in Get Satisfaction, here?

Yup, just sent out the fix for this last night. Thanks so much for noticing this!

I don’t pay for GetSatisfaction, so there is little moderation I can do to threads. I think these last few comments are fine for anybody else checking.