Is search for Global Shared Stories supposed to work?

I have a premium account.

  1. Log in, click on Global Shared Stories and end up here: https://newsblur.com/folder/global-blurblogs

  2. Click on Search field (upper right)

  3. Type in a search term

  4. Observe the article area refresh, with no results, and then show all results (unfiltered). The search box is also cleared. This refresh/clearing happens automatically and quickly enough that I can’t even type more than 5-6 characters in the search box before it refreshes.

It looks like a bug: I can’t search across global shared stories. I’ve tried both terms that don’t exist + terms that I know exist (based off of the first article in the list of articles)

I’m using Mac OS and have tried the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Disabled adblock and other add ons.

Is this a missing feature, a bug, or potentially something on my end? 



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