Global shared stories memory leak

Global shared stories creates a huge memory leak in both Chrome and Firefox. Each time it pulls more stories, I see the process size go up about 50MB, all while the browser gets slower and slower. Firefox becomes unusable after it reaches 700-800MB, while Chrome is still somewhat responsive when the process reaches 1GB+. Avoiding the global shared stories feature keeps the process size in check, even when reading through hundreds of items.

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I don’t use Global Shared Stories at all, and NewsBlur slowly leaks for me, as well. Browsers are getting better, but it’s real easy to leak memory in “modern” idiomatic javascript.

There’s no different between Global and any other feed/folder. I also just checked and couldn’t find any different in memory size when loading Global a few times. I cleaned up memory leaks a while ago, so what’s more likely happening is that all of the images are being cached in the browser, since Global is likely to load a bunch of images.

Are you in List view? That should help, since only a single story will be loaded at once.

I was using feed view. I switched to using feed view but the result seems to be the same.