Global Shared Feed Unread Only always has the same stories after the end.

When I go to Global Shared Stories set to Newest/Unread, the new unread stories are at the top. After those stories are a list of stories from a month ago or longer than I have marked read over and over. They are from the same 3 or 4 feeds. Is there any way to keep these old previously-read stories from showing up in the Global Shared list? 

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Can you post a screenshot so I can see which stories are showing up and what their dates are? Also, how far down do you have to scroll?

How far down do I have to scroll for what?  I am caught up on my actual unread Global Shared stories right now so only old stories appear in the feed. No scrolling needed. Tomorrow, the newly shared stories will appear at the top but these same old stories will appear in the feed after the actual unread stories.

Feel free to log in as me and look at Global Shared. I’ll send my password if you need it.

Ok, this is now fixed. Wooooah that was a long-time bug. But I finally figured out how to fix it. Let me know how that works!

Awesome. Thank you!

And it’s back. Last week 1 story reappeared at the end of the feed (Apple rumored to be something something hi-def audio again on and refused to go away. Then another older post from a different site joined marco’s post a few days ago (and it even appears as already read!) and now a 3rd even older post has joined them.