Gizmodo/Lifehacker feed issue

Gizmodo and Lifehacker feeds got removed from my feed list (not my doing). When I put them back in, they loaded news from 2-3 weeks ago. Now they are not updating at all anymore.

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Seems to be loading new articles fine now.

Newsblur changed the URL to the feed. I’m pasting in the correct URL from the websites RSS page, there’s no need for Newblur to autocorrect it to what it thinks it is and break it’s functionality.

And still no idea why they were dropped from my feedlist in the first place.

NewsBlur will check to see if it has seen the url before. If it has, then it redirects to the feed the url points to. There’s a whole lot of dupe urls that point to feeds, which is what is happening here. As for the old articles, it just took a recent subscriber to load the feed.

I’m still sub’d to gizmodo and lifehacker, so they didn’t go away. You were probably on a smaller feed that got its url cut.