Ghost unread items in several feeds

For some of my feeds the feed list shows a bunch of unread items, but selecting the feed shows no unread items. Sometimes pressing N will make it scroll like crazy, but other times nothing happens. The iPhone app shows the same unread count, but sometimes shows unread articles. Screenshots:


I’ve managed to hunt them down in some feeds by showing all items and flipping the sort order between newest and oldest… but it’s still a bug :slight_smile:

I’ve got the “ghost item” problem as well. Would be nice for this to be found and exterminated.

I need more information. What’s the unread count at? When you reload the page, does it go away?

The unread count is 1. For me, it’s always been one. Reloading the page does not make it go away. As described above, when I view it through a non-web client (in my case, the Android app), I usually can see it.

I’m rewriting how read stories are stored. Are you reading either Oldest first or Unread only? If so, that discrepancy will be fixed soon, I hope.

In my case, unread only, yes.

(Also, I know one idea/bug/whatever per thread, but while I have your attention, wanted to let you know I’m just dyyyyyyyyin’ for a share-to-sharing-service keystroke :slight_smile: – but yes, I did put put in a separate request for it, though.)

I also have this problem. It sticks at 1 unread item. For me, it seems to happen on feeds that are aggregates of other feeds, but maybe this is just what I see.