Getsatisfaction results always show posts from 2 years ago, they need to show recent

When I type in a problem / suggestion / question and press the button to see if anyone has asked it, the results I get all seem to be from 2 or 1 years ago. Newsblur has moved on a lot since then, and those postings have very little to do with today’s issues. It would be so much better if the order of results could be set to most recent first. Surely getsatisfaction has an administrator option for that?
As it is, I see similar posts which are probably the same issue, but have been put on because the earlier post(s) did not show up in a search.
BTW, wouldn’t it be wonderful if titles made sense?

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Seems like GetSatisfaction is optimizing by popularity, and those issues were very popular in their time. They just pushed out this redesign, so I’m hoping they’ll have a better decay on old threads.

I certainly hope so, as for users lik eyou it must be astoundingly frustrating to find new threads all the time repeating what someone else has recently said.
I’ve posted on the getsatisfaction thread about this issue, which was first raised 3 years ago and they said they were working on it.