Get rid of the unread counter

I love Newsblur, especially the dev version.


Can we get rid of that counter at the top of

I’d be happy with just a setting or shortkey or whatever. It’s very distracting, especially when it updates. Besides, I can check the window title to see how many unread, not that I really need to know anyway.

I also suspect that it’s interfering with the smooth scroll animation when going to the next unread item. It only ever scrolls smoothly for me when by some fluke the unread counter is gone.


It’s not the unread counter that’s causing scrolling to stutter. It’s marking the story as read, which updates multiple unread counts (title, top left, feed count, and story count at top), as well as the story itself. As for the big unread count, you can get rid of it if you have a narrow window. Otherwise, that’s part of the design.