german umlaute are wrong coded with

the german umlaute from spiegel online are wrong encoded.
last friday they were correct.
also at the same error exist.


This happens only in text mode, feed mode is ok.

Similar problem:…

Post the story URL here, so they can examine it. Open the story and then copy-paste the URL from the browser’s addressbar here.

The URL should look like:


the problem with spiegel still exists 0_o

any news?

hm … well same shit different week …

hm … same encoding shit happens at
viewing in feed modus is ok, viewing in text mode sucks (cont.)

Have you tried another browser? While I don’t subscribe to German sites, I do subscribe to Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean publications, and I’ve yet to see any errors with text rendering.

well chrome and ff.
and the languages you mention dont use the german umlaute, do they? :stuck_out_tongue:

same problem with - feed view is ok, text view sucks while encoding german umlauts

may be it’s time for a better tool despite my premium account