Garbled text with one particular feed on Android

For this feed: <![CDATA[Deník referendum]]> when viewed on Android, the article text is garbled:

It is garbled only when I open the article (in the view feed view, the initial text of all articles is clear). It is not for all articles and it seems to be consistent which are garbled and which not. For example, these ones are clear:

most others are garbled:

I assume it is something not proper that feed is doing, but still the website displays it correctly, so maybe the Android app could as well?

I noticed that when I download the feed offline and then read it offline, no garbling happens.

Added your report to this Github issue. Thanks

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@SUP No replication on the latest beta build (you can find it on Play Store under the beta tester section). I checked a few tens of articles in the text view and all rendered correctly. Could you share your device name, OS version and device language for me to try and replicate with your setup?

I cannot reproduce it with the old version of the app either. I ma now travelling and on very slownconnection, it might be a race issue, will try again in March from home.q

Just confirming this no longer happens even with fast connection.