Gameinformer, Error (500), but feed is reachable and valid?

Log shows a long line of failures as such:

But the feed ( loads fine in my browser.

The W3C validator also has no issues. It has some recommendations but it can read the feed as says it is valid

As a sidenote, why isn’t it possible to see the stories of misbehaving sites? I have unread items from this feed, yet clicking it only brings up the fix misbehaving site dialog. I had to use the browser developer tools to get the url for the site so I could include it here and read the unread items.

I’m seeing the same error from:

but only in my laptop’s Chrome browser. Chrome is up-to-date - Version 112.0.5615.138 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Those three feeds show new articles on my Android phone.

Don’t know if anything was changed, but the site isn’t listed as misbehaving any more.

Yes, the same here on those three I mentioned which are now also seemingly ok. Weird…