Gallery view for image-heavy blogs (e.g. Tumblr)

While NewsBlur is excellent for getting up to speed with text-heavy RSS feeds at a quick glance, I’d love to browse through image-heavy blogs (like many of those on Tumblr) with a gallery view. Competitors like Netvibes and Feedly already provide the option to show thumbnails of the latest blog entries.


Hrm, a gallery view. I already have four views, so it’ll be tough to figure out how to work a gallery view in there. I like the idea, and I even follow a number of image blogs myself. But I’ve found the Feed view fine, since images are at full-size. I bet a good gallery view has a customizable zoom factor, with the highest setting looking like the Feed view. It’d be possible, but I’m not sold on it yet.

Good point. On second thought, NewsBlur’s concept expects - or rather, encourages - the user to let NewsBlur filter out the blog entries he never wanted to see in the first place - while taking enough time to enjoy the rest. For that, NewsBlur’s existing viewing options are perfect, as they allow us to see the remaining pictures in the best-possible quality.

I admit that the gallery view would be perfect for someone who’s very much into taking over the cherry-picking himself, but tends to do that in a hurry - which, perhaps, isn’t the most healthy way of consuming blogs.