Full text view on 3rd party reader


I’m considering getting a premium upgrade for the full text view. However, I’ve been a Reeder iOS user for many years so I intend to keep using Reeder. I wonder if the full text view will somehow work on Reeder? (I have no idea how that would work together, I’m just trying my luck here.)


It doesn’t work. I subscribed to NewsBlur because I thought this would work … but alas…

Doesn’t Reeder do its own full text processing? I use it occasionally and full-text works.

Yes. Reeder does that, but it doesn’t work all the time either. I was hoping that maybe Newsblur premium might do a better job.

It’s not an ideal situation, but let me offer you a couple of tips:

To chime in, third-party readers are welcome to use NewsBlur’s API to extract full text content. They would have to build it in, in which case you should write to those app authors to request this. NewsBlur is already on board with the API, as you can see here: