Full Screen Mode

“Full screen” mode. Back on Google reader I always used the full screen mode to read my articles. Because I use keyboard shortcuts to navigate articles, seeing the list of articles as well as the folder list is just a waste of screen space. If you hit ‘f’ in Google reader the entire browser window just becomes the articles. I would love to see that option added to NewsBlur. For clarification I’m not talking about ‘F11’ full screen. I’m talking about the reader taking up all of the browser window.


This is possible now, I use it fairly often on my smaller laptop screen, but it’s a 2-step process instead of one hotkey.

Shift + U hides the feeds/folders sidebar (same hotkey as Reader, I think?)
Shift + T hides the story titles pane

Is that what you had in mind?


That’s the stuff!! Awesome. They should just change a keyboard shortcut ‘f’ to do both of those things. Thank you so much DMack!

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I like the idea of a combined shortcut to hide/show both panes.

Mostly because I contantly hide one or the other accidentally and can’t remember the shortcuts to bring them back! I could remember “F”, though. :slight_smile:

One thing about full screen mode is that whiel it does hide the panes it doesn’t actually resize the story to take the entire screen

“Shift + T hides the story titles pane”

This no longer seems to be true. How do I hide these now?

This “fullscreen mode” is not really. Even when you hide the sidebar, you are still left with ~100px wasted vertical space in the “story-titles-header” and the “story_taskbar” (going by their markup names).

It seems there may once have been an option to hide one or both of these, but not right now.

I don’t even think my screen is tiny, it’s a 1280x800 laptop, but every millimeter counts.

There’s now a 3-way option of Full/Split/List (bottom right corner) whereas there just used to be 2. Click on Full if you want to hide the titles pane.

I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing. Full screen mode is great, but it needs to show your context (the top bar, which has the feed/folder title and controls), and the ability to change which view you see (the bottom bar). It’s not very big yet it’s quite powerful.