Full screen mode for mobile apps

I’d like to see a full screen feature for the mobile apps, which hides the NewBlur chrome as much as possible, giving more screen space to the content (both in the news view and the browser view).

See for example the full screen mode in iOS Safari.

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The NewsBlur chrome is a single header bar. The footer already disappears when you scroll. If you want uninterrupted reading, use a reading app like Instapaper or Pocket, which can easily be exported to from NewsBlur.

  1. If I am looking through a folder of feeds in landscape, I see (1) the header bar containing a back button, settings and browser button, (2) a thinner header with the feeds icon and name. It would be nice if both could be hidden, such that there’s only some overlay icons in the corners.

  2. The browser mode contains significantly more chrome, both headers and footers.

This is mainly a concern when using NewsBlur in landscape mode, and also when viewing web comics feeds.

Hmm, landscape mode is tough. I already reduced the height of the header and eliminated the footer entirely. But the Original view continues to have both header and footer. I’m considering making it more like Safari, but it may not happen unless more folks want it. It’s just a time investment that I don’t have.