Full articles not loading


A site that used to work fine has stopped pulling in the article text and just shows the teaser text and an image. Any idea what is going on?

here is a recent link that did not work:



Most likely the site used to have full content in the feed and no longer does, or you used to use the text view (in the bottom toolbar) but have switch, perhaps accidentally, to feed view?

Feed shows the content provided in the feed, text tries to extract the content from the link provided in the feed.

If you select the site on newsblur.com and copy the adress from you browser and post it here someone can double check the feed itself for you. I tried adding freep.com myself to check but newsblur didn’t find a feed for the site.


It started pulling in the article text again and I didn’t change anything so maybe something on the site was temporarily broken or something like that. Thanks for looking in to it.