Full Ars Technica Feeds hidden behind "full Text view" banner

I’m a subscriber with Ars Technica which includes access to RSS feeds that contain the entire text of the article (as opposed to their non-subscriber feeds which just include a couple of paragraphs and a link to read more).

Up until recently these feeds worked fine in NewsBlur on mobile (iOS on iPhone X) where I could read the entire text of the article as normal, however lately most of the article text isn’t displayed and it says “The full Text view is a premium feature” at the bottom, similar to what used to happen when I was on the non-subscriber feed for Ars.

The hiding of the article text isn’t particularly consistent, sometimes it doesn’t happen and I can read the article fine. Anecdotally it appears that the banner blocks the text when I load the article with a working internet connection, but not sure if that’s consistent.

I believe your account reverted to free, in that case. The message is a callout to upgrade to premium.

Otherwise, share with me the newsblur.com url of the Ars feed. Here’s a couple that may be different (they have different feed addresses).



If you’re talking about my NewsBlur account reverting to free, I’ve never paid for one, so don’t think it would have reverted.

Is there a way I can share the feed URL with you privately? From what I can tell sharing the feed URL means the feed is readable publicly by everyone, and this is a paid-for feed that isn’t supposed to be shared.

In the examples you have you’ll note that at the bottom of most articles there’s a “Read X remaining paragraphs” link that the pay-for feeds don’t have, but presumably the feed still gets flagged as a Full Text View feed by NewsBlur and draws the banner.

Is there a way to just disable that feature completely so that it doesn’t try and draw a banner on any feed I have?

Feeds don’t get flagged for full text, you have to explicitly select the Text view. Try switching between Feed/Text/Story at the bottom. That way you can switch back to the original feed, which has the full text.

Works perfectly, hadn’t even noticed that option, thanks!

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