Frustration at not being able to mark something as "read".

How to I mark something as “read”? I follow one site that must have 30 posts a day, and I don’t want to have to click each one and then move to the next one. If the headline looks good, I’ll stop and read the post, but otherwise I just want to mark it “read” and move on. (It’s particularly annoying on the Android app, where I can’t even scroll through them but have to click each one, and then return to the main listing of all unreads.) Maybe I’m dense and this is obvious, but I’ve clicked on all sorts of clickables on the interface and I just can’t figure this out. I’ve looked through the FAQ but I didn’t see anything pertaining to this.

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Click the checkmark next to the title in the big pane. You cannot do this for the all site stories, but you can by site or by folder. looks like this.

From the Android app, menu button, Mark All As Read (but the syncing may still be having issues)

Thanks a lot. Will try it. I appreciate the effort everyone is putting into Newsblur!