BTW If you’re looking for a cloud replacement for Reader stay away from NewsBlur. They suspended free accounts. Take advantage of situation.


I kinda feel the same way. I jumped on NewsBlur right off and while it was struggling I liked it. I whittled my Google Reader feeds down to the 64 allowed in the free model and was considering the $12 premium service. I even recommended NewsBlur to a couple of people. Now today they’ve cut my feeds down to 12 and bumped the minimum for premium to $24.

Now that NewsBlur is running good I can’t give it a good exercise on just 12 feeds.

Probably NOT going to pop for premium now.

I believe Samuel has said that these changes are to try to slow the flow of users during this period. Six and a half cents a day instead of three seems to be enough of a deterrent.

“Take advantage of situation.”

More like:

Try to get enough money for the additional servers that are going to be required while the whole Google Reader thing evolves.

Maybe Google can afford to give something as resource intensive as this for free (which they are killing by the way), but I don’t think an “indie developer” can afford such a thing.

So, plenty of choice: see the 12 free feeds, pay, or go somewhere else (leaving more resources (memory, CPU, bandwidth…) for those who stay).………

He removed* free account creation and the cheapest subscribe option to help with the flow of new users which was crushing the server. It will come back to normal with time.

Besides, I don’t see how preventing people from trying the service helps him when he gets his biggest flow of new users, from the GReader exodus.

*If you fiddle enough, you might notice it’s not fully gone. At least that’s what happened to me.