Frictionless sharing

Share with a single click without having to go to the other site. Right now, “Send to” just sends you to the site where you can then create the content. Some of the challenge with that is that certain firewalls (eg. large corporations or foreign governments) block those social networks. This means that if you try to use Newsblur from a Fortune 500 or anywhere in the middle-east, you can’t share anything.
Associating accounts in Newsblur so one could share with a single-click without having to login in the site would go a long way to solving that problem.


One of the most used “sharing” features I used in Reader was the “Email to” function, often choosing to include the entire text of the article. It was helpful when I knew the person had “gone mobile” and I just wanted to get them the text.

There definitely is an Email feature (although it emails the entire text to both the recipient and you, so you know what you sent). Just right-click the story title, or click the arrow next to the story title.

As for a true 1-click share with certain services, I have to build the appropriate OAuth callbacks, and the dialogs to support them. I plan to have a dashboard for a multitude of settings coming in the Social branch that I’m working on now. This is getting shipped within the next month or two, so when that happens, if you still want this, let me know and I’ll spend the 3-4 days (that’s at 2 hours per day – 1 hour commute each way) getting it working for all those services.