Frequency of Updating for esoteric feeds

I subscribe to a lot of “esoteric” feeds - ones that no other Newsblur users read, for example relating to horses and riding, and to baking. I just upgraded to premium partly because I understood that for premium users, all feeds, no matter how esoteric, would be updated quite frequently - no less than once an hour. But I’m still using GReader (and also The Old Reader) to compare, and these feeds still aren’t updating in a timely way in Newsblur. I’m having to manually refresh if I don’t want to wait hours, and some dont seem to be updating at all no matter how long I wait. Is there something else I need to be doing to invoke this premium benefit? Or was I mistaken about how it works, and I’m just not going to be able to get real-time updating of these feeds with Newsblur, premium or not?


Yes, I had thought we would be on the “no less than hourly” update as well at this point – but I also have some esoteric feeds that aren’t being updated at anywhere near that rate. I assume we are still waiting on this to happen (if what I’m seeing now is in fact what we can expect going forward, Newsblur won’t work for me, much as I love some of the features).

Nor will it work for me, if this is the best we can expect. I’m hoping that this is due to some sort of throttling or other fixable issue. Hoping also that the developer will respond, since this isn’t how premium is advertised. I feel like a premium account should get me updates at least as timely as a smaller, free project like The Old Reader, but so far, despite its lack of features, I’m finding myself using that more than Newsblur.

At the moment I’ve found it best to just update all of my feeds by hand in NewsBlur since so few are actually being updated by the program itself in a timely way.

Along with many other premium members I had been led to believe that feeds would be updated automatically at least a number of times a day if not hourly.

If I will have to continue to update all of my feeds (over 1,000) by hand each day NewsBlur will not work for me when combined with the trouble it has with finding some of my favorite blogs to which I am the only subscriber (on NewsBlur that is).

Incidentally these are problems only NewsBlur is having when compared with Feedly, Google Reader, The Old Reader, Bloglovin, greader and RSSdemon so I know it has nothing at all to do with the feeds themselves.

I’m in the same boat. I don’t subscribe to massively popular news websites (Verge, CNN, etc.), but smaller blogs that serve specific neches. I haven’t seen it happen as much lately, but it definitely doesn’t refresh hourly - more like every 4-6 hours on some feeds.

Premium too.

I’m at peace with my weird feeds not getting updated super-frequency, but I do have concerns about low-frequency loads on high activity sites resulting in me missing stuff, which is a dealbreaker. I don’t need stuff in real-time, but I do need to know I’ll see everything I think I’m supposed to see.

That said: this morning,… implies that feed fetching got faster, which means more feeds get fetched, which should mean that less popular feeds get fetched more often.

Bump, seems 15 customers are awaiting an explanation

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I’m increasing feed fetching frequency every single day. I’m just about there with single subscriber feeds. In fact, if your feed isn’t being fetched at least once a day now, then something definitely wrong. Please reply with any NewsBlur URLs of feeds that aren’t updating that regularly at the very least. They will soon be in much more rapid schedules, but it’s not an overnight fix.

You can check to see how often a feed is being updated by right-clicking the feed title and going to Statistics. Try this on for a better picture.


Here’s one:…

This is a real issue, and I understand the technical difficulty in solving this… but I simply can’t accept that my premium paid NewsBlur account gives me much worse results than my free Feedly account.

I subscribe to many feeds that update several times per hour, and NB simply misses a lot of updates which are forever lost to it.

I’ve already started going back to feedly, to see what I’ve missed, after every visit to NB. I am seriously considering canceling my NB subscription. I can’t use a news reader I don’t trust.

I’ve ensured that NewsBlur is fetching as often as every hour if a feed is averaging at least a single story a day, even if you are the solo subscriber. Beyond that, it’s every few hours for solo subscriber feeds. Right click on those feeds and check Statistics to see how often it actually is. You’ll find that it’s either real-time or pretty often. And if it isn’t, write the NewsBlur URL of the feed (the url of

I know this is more about premium stuff, but are feeds with only free subscribers capped at an hour no matter how often they update or how many people subscribe to it?

I understand that the developer is very busy, but seeing as premium customers are supposed to get, welll, premium service, and to be the backbone of Newsblur, and in light pf the number of people interested in this issue, I’d really appreciate a response to this.