"Free Standard Account" after upgrading to Premium

What it says on the tin. I created an account, put in cc info and got charged for Premium, but dashboard still says “Free Standard Account”, some feeds show “The full River of News is a premium feature,” etc.

Some kind of caching problem? Bits got clogged up in the intertubes?


Should roll over to a premium account momentarily. Sometimes the card processor takes its sweet time to notify me. I assume it’s fine now. :slight_smile:

Hi Samuel – looks like I have the same problem. Signed up around 10am PT yesterday, received the “Thanks for going premium on NewsBlur” email and the charge shows in my online bank statement, but all indications within the app are that I’m still on the Free Standard Account. User name is dcottrill.

Thanks in advance for your help – and thanks for NewsBlur, great product!

Looks like Stripe failed to notify my servers. I went ahead and manually added you. Hope you enjoy the premium subscription!

Thanks Samuel, I appreciate the quick response and the fix!


I’m having the same problem now. It’s only been like 10 minutes though, so based on the discussion above I’ll let you know if the problem persists after tomorrow.

Also, congrats on building a great experience!


I have the same problem. It’s been around 38 hrs since I paid and received the email saying thank you. So I’m starting to feel it might be something else than just the servers not catching up, and maybe just waiting patiently won’t solve it for me.


It’s been 48 hours and the problem has been solved. Don’t know if my post had anything to do with it, but thanks anyway.

This has been fixed this morning. All accounts should be set now.

Hi, just signed in a few min ago and have the same problem (DecTenToo)

Hi having the same exact problem. Only thing I did different is due to using RoboForm my autofill used a different email address than the one I signed up with.