forwarding/address "saving" issues via e-mail

Not sure if that has been covered, but, when I forward an item (i.e., “email a story”) via the internal e-mail function, the addresses I’m forwarding the stories to are “sometimes” remembered/saved (i.e., when I return later on that day or on the following day), and are “sometimes” absent/not saved (which means I then need to retype or paste them in again), and I cannot figure out the pattern of when they’re being remembered/saved and when they need to be retyped; my hope, of course, is to not have to retype them over and over and over again. What’s most odd is that sometimes they’ll ALL disappear and sometimes only a FEW will, and I need to retype only some of them, while at other times even old e-mail addresses will appear–ones that I haven’t used/sent anything to in quite some time (weeks)–so clearly they’re being cached somewhere! Any thoughts on this? I’ve looked for every possible setting that might have something to do with this, but, alas, I cannot find one that might be available. Many thanks in advance. (Am I the only one having this problem??) P.S.–I’m only using the desktop version of NewsBlur, if that helps at all.

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So those addresses are stored in a cookie, which expires in a year. It’s possible your cookie is being cleared. Also, it’s per-computer (since it’s a cookie). I can change it to being server-backed, if anybody else has this issue.

Hmm, still not sure what’s happening then because (a) I’ve only been a member a relatively short time (since just prior to the Google Reader demise), and (b) it’s a daily change issue; some days they’re there, some days they’re not, and most confusing of all, sometimes current ones–addresses I just used the prior day–are gone while ones I haven’t used in weeks suddenly reappear! I thought it may have something to do with clearing my browser cache, but that doesn’t seem to correspond with it, either. I’ll be interested in hearing whether I’m alone in this conundrum. Thanks for the quick reply!

Well, it just happened again! Was fine since my last gripe, and now all the addresses I retyped in are ALL gone once again. Why is this seemingly only happening to me (he asked rhetorically)? Suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

And now, five hours later, they’re ALL back again! Unreal! Bizarre but decidedly unreal…'Can’t imagine what’s causing this to happen.